Accountability is meaningless without consequences



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    Stephen Lynch

    From Tony Sharrock

    Accountability is meaningless without consequences is an excellent topic to discuss. 

    Those who do well in a company or any other kind of organisation must be recognized openly among their associates. Once a week a meeting is held and those who preform well get a gift of wine or whatever.  The recognition is clarified by a statement from the CEO for the achievement of a specific person and how their actions of performance has benefited the company  

    Those people who have not performed the following process takes place.

    What tasks in the employees job prescription are not being met.  Secondly, why is the employee under performing,  and how does the company and the employee together address the unfortunate turn of events.

    Often the employee is in a job that is one level above his performance capabilities. Other challenge can be failure to connect with his/her team colleagues or would like another challenge within the corporate structure.  

    Most important is to recognize qualities first, then address the challenges. The success of under performance can only be achieved if both parties are willing to work together to reach favourable outcomes. 

    Tony Sharrock   


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